Back in the studio! 

I feel so grateful to have such amazing fans. We raised $6,000 through the KickStarter campaign and now I get to go back in the studio to record new music!

I can't wait for you to hear the new tunes.

Thank you so much for your support! 

"Home To Me" WINS - Folk Song Of The Year 

WSTW hosts an award show every year covering artists in the Tri-State area. There are so many talented musicians and songwriters within this group. So to have one the award for Folk Song Of The Year I am truly at a loss for words. Thank you to everyone that voted and most importantly thank you for listening and supporting my music.

Opening for Brandi Carlile - Benefit for The Looking Out Foundation 

I am beyond excited to announce that I will be opening for Brandi Carlile on March 8th at World Cafe Live to benefit The Looking Out Foundation. Brandi is one of my biggest influences. This is a HUGE milestone for me. Here are the links to learn more about the foundation. I am so honored to be a part of this event! - ‪#‎GetInvolved

Click Here To Purchase Tickets

Remembering my friend, Dante Bucci 

It’s been extremely difficult to process the loss of Dante Bucci. He was a beautiful human being and his talents were immeasurable. When I would go to his house to rehearse he would inevitably show me an unusual instrument, tell me its origin, and then begin to play it beautifully as if he’d been playing it since birth. That was Dante. He could play anything and make it sound magical. Every time I hung out with him I felt like I was getting an education. He would introduce me to new bands, new instruments, different techniques, or obscure facts. His fun facts were always followed by an eyebrow raise and a huge smile.

One of my favorite things about Dante was being in a crowded, loud venue and watching him silence everyone once he began playing the hand pan. People’s jaws would immediately drop. His hands would glide. The hang drum would sing. It was always serene. 

It was clear how many lives he touched at the Philly Folk Fest. There were so many touching tributes to him. It was the hardest performance I’ve ever given but I know he was there in spirit. He was the heart of the festival and always will be. 

This is a link to one of my favorite shows with Dante. 
I remember it well because his entire family was there. I will forever hear his beats in this song. You can check out his conga solo from minute 2:48 to 3:30… He was unreal and always so present with you on stage. 

Have you ever heard someone play a saw? Dante could. He could play anything. Here is a link to the WCL show I did with him and Christie Lenée The saw sounds angelic and perfect. You can see me shaking my head and smiling at him during his solo (minute 2:57 to 3:30) because I was constantly amazed by him. 

I am forever grateful to Dena and The Philadelphia Songwriters Project. Because of that contest I was able to spend the last 5 months performing with him. 

I’ve known Dante for a long time. He was always so humble and I always felt so lucky to share the stage with him. There was a clear evolution and shift in him over the last year. I’m thankful I got to witness that. 

His light was shining brighter than ever. 

I’m so sad to see you go so soon my friend. You are loved and will be missed. 

If you didn’t know Dante then please go to this link and listen 

Keep sharing his music and gift. 

Philadelphia Songwriters Project 

Extremely honored and excited to announce that I won this years Philadelphia Songwriters Project! Out of 200 Submissions there were 4 winners. Join me in congratulating the other winners! Casey Alvarez, Ben Kessler and Reed Kendall / Up The Chain!